Portable Air Conditioner - Fight the heat wave

Our New Portable AC is waiting for you!

Is the heat wave driving you crazy? Are you worried about air pollution? Are you struggling to sleep everyday and need cool air in your room?

Worry no longer, our Portable Air Conditioner is here to make your summer better, clean your air and will save you money. 

We start with heat waves and hot days and not all of us have the possibility of having an air conditioner or a penguin to be able to overcome the high temperatures. Forget spending hundreds of euros on expensive and non-functional devices. This new product will provide you with freshness to stop suffering and sweating for no reason.

This portable air conditioning system lets you cool and purify your home stays without making a big investment.It is an alternative to expensive air conditioners, which requires installation or noisy fans. It refreshes, humidifies and purifies the air of your personal space quickly, easily and effectively. It incorporates an easy-to-clean filter that will help you keep the air clean at all times.

Don't worry about your electricity bill, this Air Conditioner is energy efficient

While other cooling systems require high consumption, this portable air conditioning is eco-friendly, so it requires very little energy spending to cool your home. Connects to any plug or USB and enjoy its 12 hours of autonomy. Obviously, the USB adapter is included in the package.


A 4 in 1 gadget

1. COOLER/AIR CONDITIONER: Heat waves won't mean nothing to you, our portable AC will cool your room and make it comfortable for work, sleep or during your relax. 

2. 3 Fan Speeds: It works as a regular fan also, you'll be able to choose the function that you prefer.

3. HUMIDIFIER: Add moisture to the air, which can help with respiratory symptoms, allergy, itchy eyes or dry skin. It's scientifically proven that improves sleep and helps reduce snoring. 

4. AIR PURIFIER: Forget about air pollution, its air purifier function will clean the air of your home and remove the bad smells.

Main advantages of our Portable Air Conditioner:

✅  Powerful Battery, up to 12 hours of continuous use. 

✅  Perfect for Room and Desk Air Conditioning.

✅  Fully Portable.

✅  Super Silent Working For Zero Disturbance, you'll sleep like a baby.

✅  Easy to use and clean.

✅  Multifunction: AC, Regular Fan, Humidifier and Air Conditioner.

✅  Advanced Air Filter, Relieves Allergy Symptoms.

✅  7 different colored LED, you can use it as a night light.

What our clients says about the Portable AC?

"It's incredible how it cool the room despite its size. I've bought it for my parents and they couldn't be happier. 100% recommended."


"Works better that I expected when I bought it. I was suffering from allergy so much, but this little AC I can stay cool at home and breath properly again!" 


"My husband thanks me everyday for buy this portable AC. We were so worried about the continuous heat waves and the electricity bill, but thanks to this gadget we are not worried about it anymore."

How much it cost? Where Can I Buy It?

Thanks our current promotion, you can buy the portable Air Conditioner for just 39,99€. You can buy at our main homepage or just clicking the button below.